Month: November 2022

Meet the Herring! A Glossary of Herring Varieties

So, what is herring anyway? Yes, most people know that herring is a fish, but many don’t get further than that. Some may go on to describe herring as a small fish. This is also correct. As a close relative of the sardine and the shad, herring is indeed a smaller fish. Herring might have…

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5 Smoked Fish Recipes to Serve This Thanksgiving

Cranberry hot smoked salmon

We love Thanksgiving at Acme Smoked Fish. Yes, a large turkey is the quintessential star of the show for this holiday, but let’s be honest… it’s all about the sides! We’ve created 5 knockout recipes using our smoky, buttery smooth, ready to eat smoked fish. But who came up with these recipes and what was…

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