Month: January 2023

Is Smoked Salmon Raw?

Is smoked salmon raw? We get this question a lot. When it comes to cold smoked salmon, or Nova smoked salmon (more on this later), the texture of the fish certainly seems more like raw salmon than cooked. That said, like cooked salmon, the application of a controlled temperature is a factor in making smoked…

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Danish Double-Smoked Salmon (Mentioned in the New York Times)

Spence & Co., an Acme Smoked Fish subsidiary based in Brockton, MA, debuted an exciting new product, Danish double-smoked salmon. Florence Fabricant of the New York Times said, “Serve it as a first course on a plate with accouterments like capers and onions instead of burying it in a bagel with cream cheese.” [The New…

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8 Smoked Fish Brunch Boards to Inspire the Host in You

We believe that bringing people together over great food is the key to a memorable experience. No wonder brunch is so popular! With that concept in mind, we found seven brunch boards – from among thousands of delicious looking examples – to inspire your next brunch party with family and friends. We hope that these…

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