Month: March 2023

Are Acme Products Kosher for Passover?

K for P

Kosher for Passover The festival of Passover is a time of great rejoice that includes a special family meal known as the seder. The seder includes many symbolic foods and strict dietary laws are observed during the holiday. That is why we at Acme Smoked Fish go to special lengths to ensure that our products…

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The Awesome Women of Acme

With International Women’s Day being today (March 8th), we want to acknowledge the hard work of a few Acme Smoked Fish ladies. Today we spoke with five awesome women who work hard to make great smoked fish every day. Get to know them in their own voice. We want to honor all of the great…

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How to Debone Smoked Whitefish

Smoked whitefish is a culinary staple to most smoked fish fans. Smoked whitefish salad, the Acme Smoked Fish classic and one of our most popular products, is a whitefish preparation familiar to many. Our smooth and creamy smoked whitefish salad makes for an easy snack or meal when served on a cracker, sliced vegetables, toasted…

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How Smoked Fish Fits Into Your Diet

Did you know that smoked fish can fit beautifully into a variety of different diet plans? As the friendly fish experts, we’re here to meet you wherever you are in your healthy eating journey and provide you with various diets to attain your goals. Paleo The paleo diet, also known as the caveman diet, is…

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