Month: May 2023

Fish Facts: A Guide to Trout

Rainbow Trout

Since we’ve covered the most popular salmon species, we will continue our raw material guide series with a discussion of some of the most well-known trout species! Steelhead Trout (or Ocean Trout) We’ll start off our discussion with a fish that we touched on in our last guide, steelhead trout. You may be wondering, what…

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Employee Spotlight: Nancy Bryant

Nancy - Director, Product Development at Acme Smoked Fish

This article has been edited for length and clarity from an interview conducted with Nancy Bryant (Director, Product Development) in January 2023. I majored in food science decades ago but my entire career has been in product development. And there’s nothing more exciting than working on a new product and seeing it on the shelf…

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Fish Facts: A Guide to Salmon

Raw material for smoked salmon

While some consumers may not be fully aware, there are many different varieties of salmon that offer different flavor profiles and characteristics. Let’s take a dive into a few of the varieties of salmon that every discerning seafood shopper should know. Atlantic Salmon Atlantic salmon is likely to be the most familiar among salmon species…

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