Danish Double-Smoked Salmon (Mentioned in the New York Times)

Spence & Co., an Acme Smoked Fish subsidiary based in Brockton, MA, debuted an exciting new product, Danish double-smoked salmon. Florence Fabricant of the New York Times said, “Serve it as a first course on a plate with accouterments like capers and onions instead of burying it in a bagel with cream cheese.” [The New York Times]


Made from sustainably raised Norwegian salmon and smoked true to its roots using classic European smoking methods, this product is for the smoked fish connoisseur. Before smoking, the fish is gently and exactingly salted to attain the perfect cure prior to the smoking process. The salmon is then smoked over beechwood, which imparts a distinct flavor. The low smoking temperature used in the Danish double-smoking process imparts a distinct smokiness while maintaining natural moisture of the fish. Fabricant described the finished product in this way, “The result is silky and alluringly smoky.” [The New York Times]


We at Acme Smoked Fish and Spence & Co. describe our Danish Double-Smoked Salmon as delicate in texture, strong in smoke, with the natural flavor of salmon sustainably raised and harvested in the North Atlantic. You can read Florence Fabricant’s full product write up in the writer’s regular Front Burner column in The New York Times here.


Spence & Co. Danish Double-Smoked Salmon can be found at Whole Foods.

The New York Times

New York Times article about Acme Smoked Fish smoked salmon












Read more at The New York Times!

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